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Toxicology billing is a highly complex procedure that consistently goes through unpredictable changes frequently. Think about all the core procedures needed to run a successful toxicology lab including; medical billing, medical coding, LIS, and Laboratory analytics.

At its most basic level, LBS provides the latest solutions to integrate intelligence, visibility, and efficiency into every aspect of your business. Outsource toxicology billing services to LBS, so you can make sure to collect your payments quickly and streamline your billing operations.

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When we manage every detail of the medical billing and coding system of your toxicology lab then it improves the functioning of your business operations. Since we care about the preferences of our clients and we bring the best results that help us to earn your satisfaction. Outsource toxicology lab billing to LBS, so you can make your business more productive and efficient.

Benefits Of  Outsourcing Toxicology Billing


Streamline and automate your lab medical billing procedures to eliminate information silos and get faster solutions to mission-critical billing procedures. With a clean and fluid cycle of interoperability, we translate productive results for your practice.

We know how hard you strive to deliver value-based services to your customers. That’s why we help you to increase your opportunities for a better source of income.


Get a single source of truthful insights into the core capabilities of your toxicology lab services. Our professional Billing Services are well-versed in the nuances of toxicology laboratory billing and helps clients to act on insights and improve performance in real-time.

  • Get True Lab Potential.
  • Highly Experienced Experts.
  • Improve Performance.

In this way, we assist you to make a well-informed decision and align the right strategies for the better future of your business.


Maximize business visibility and control in order to ensure compliance with the ever-evolving regulatory guidelines. Along with a solid, long-standing provenance in the industry, we help you predict and prevent risks to experience improved lab billing results.

It is important for your business to streamline toxicology lab billing so you can better understand the paying behavior of your customers and prevent further risks.

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We have assembled a dedicated team of laboratory billers that oversees the complete toxicology billing cycle from capturing information, preparing & processing claims to reimbursements. Our expertise, commitment and processes that far exceed our competitors are proven to be forefront in the billing industry. It is said that “LBS is the only lab billing provider that we trust” for the accurate and complete suite of billing services across the United States.

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Industry-leading billing services.
Compliance Training by
Seamless electronic claim submission to maximize cash flow.
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24/7 Customer Support
Multiple State Regulations & CMS Specialty Billing Requirements.
Accurate, Complete and Insightful Reporting.
In line with HIPAA Privacy & Security Regulations for Third-Party Medical Billing Services.
Customized Documentation

Combined with extensive education and experience, our qualified medical billing staff is prepared to provide timely answers to your questions. Empower your toxicology lab business with efficient and compliant collection management services. Schedule a free demo of compelling, supportive, and reliable toxicology billing services.