Introduction follows the well-defined set of rules mentioned in its privacy policy in order to ensure the integrity and security of the data provided by its users to its website. This privacy policy will help the users to understand how we handle information (collect, store, and disclose) directly or indirectly to identify the users in the course of conducting business with

A user that just simply visits the website without performing any action is not supposed to provide any personal information. However, if a user orders any service, register to login then he/she may be required to provide personally identifiable information. This information would be used to support the continuous relationship between the user and

We encourage the users of to take a few moments to read the section below in order to learn how we may use your personally identifiable information so that you can make informed decisions.

If you would agree with the defined usage of your personally identifiable information mentioned in the statement of this privacy policy then the collected information would be used to provide and improve the services. We will not use or disclose your personally identifiable information with anyone that is not mentioned in this privacy policy.

The terms used in the statement of this privacy policy have the same meaning and influence as in our Terms of Services and Conditions.

How do we collect and use personally identifiable information of our users?

A user can visit our website without providing any personally identifiable information about him/herself. Although we do not collect any personal information in such a case, we may use cookies and collect other non-personally identifiable information in order to assess your browsing activity. We strive to collect this information only with your consent and typically inquire about your knowledge and permission.

Your personally identifiable information is provided to the admins of who provide you the gateway to the services you have requested from us. We will never sell, share, or use your personally identifiable information other than as described in the statement of our privacy effective as of 8 April 2020.

We could collect the information about your name, email address, and phone number, or other information collected while you send a message or request a free demo from

If you agree to share your personal information with our website then it will be used to support the intended purpose stated at the time when your information could be collected and subject to any preferences indicated by you.

We may also collect non-personally identifiable information of the users of to our website based on your browsing activities. This information may include the pages you browse and products or services that you have viewed or ordered on the browser. It will help us to better manage and develop our website in order to provide a personal experience to the users of In this way, we provide our users with a more engaging and personal browsing experience which also helps us to develop the right services for our customers.

We may use your personal information for the following purposes;

  1. To process your requests or orders for the services.
  2. To process the delivery of services.
  3. Respond to your complaints or account inquiries accurately.
  4. To verify your identity when required (you may lose your password or security information for example and we may then need to ask you for other “identifiable” information to protect your data from unauthorized access.
    1. If you would share your personal information such as email or phone number then we may store it and later use it to contact you for market research and marketing purposes. We may also undertake market and product analysis based on your use of our services and products and contact you with information about new developments, products, services, and special offers. We may also inform you about such updates by a social post, telephone, and email.

      If you agree to receive details of products and services from our online forums then you can contact us at any time to ask us to remove details from lists used by us for any or all of the purposes mentioned above. You may also request us to update your information at any time or otherwise, you could tell us how you would like to obtain information about our and/or third party’s products and services. In this way, we enable you to set preferences. will not disclose your personally identifiable information in order to sell or pass your data to third parties unless you have given us permission, or unless it is strictly necessary to deliver the products and services ordered or used by you.

      We are also obliged to share your personal information to meet any legal or regulatory requirements (i.e. to comply with a court order) or such obligations that are respective of the applicable law.

      We are not responsible for the security and integrity of the information that you share in the comment section of our social media posts. I.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, on which they are written and live for the public.

      We are not responsible for the activities performed on these social media platforms and sharing of information on these social media platforms. We recommend you to review the complete statement of the privacy policy of the relevant social media platforms before taking any action. In this way, you can understand how they will handle your information.

      How long do we keep your personally identifiable information for?

      To make sure we meet our legal data protection and privacy obligations then we will only store your information for the time period that is enough for the purposes we collected it for in the first place.

      In most cases, it means we’ll keep your personal data for as long as you continue to be our customer and use our services. With the passage of time afterward if you stop doing so. After that, we’ll remove it other than we lawfully can, and need to store data for audit and legal reasons.
      We shall keep data on our sales prospect database for almost up to 10 years from receipt subject to an individual’s right to unsubscribe or be forgotten at any time.

      How Do We Process And Store Your Personal Data?

      We control the data that you provide us in order to acquire our services. As a result, we confirm legal responsibility for how we manage and process your personal information.

      In this privacy policy, personally identifiable information refers to the user’s email, phone number, and name. Our email forums are optional in nature, so it is your decision to use this forum and you can unsubscribe whenever you want easily.

      We may also share your information with third parties who are partnered with us and use this data for non-marketing purposes.


      We implement all security protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access and report any breaches or potential breaches to the appropriate authorities within 24 hours and the entity affected by the breach in 72 hours. If you have any query or concern related to this privacy policy then you may contact us;

      Phone number: +1 (505) 522-2001

      User’s Rights:

      You can request from about the protocols used to collect, store, and share your personal data and if you wish then you can update, delete or change your personal data at any time. However, please note that you may not then be able to continue using services that require your personal information after deleting your personal information.

      If you observe that is not collecting or processing your personal data according to the rules defined in this privacy policy then you may please contact us.

      Changes to This Privacy Policy

      We can update our Privacy Policy any time. Thus, we suggest our users review this page frequently to identify any changes. We will notify our user as soon as we make changes to our privacy policy by publishing the new statement of the privacy policy on the effective date.

      Do you have any questions about the privacy policy or concerns then make sure to contact us;

      Phone number: +1 (505) 522-2001