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Healthcare Accounts Receivable Recovery 

Recover millions of outstanding dollars with the support of top-rated healthcare accounts receivable recovery services. We specialize in uncovering your lost revenue & than adding it to the much needed revenue stream of your lab business.

Once, you outsource medical AR recovery services to Laboratory Billings, our team of expert AR professionals will start tracking down each dollar your lab owes. Because we guarantee to recover all those payments that you’ve never imagined that you could have collected in your accounts yet.

We Efficiently Address The Issues of 
Medical AR Recovery

Accounts Reliable Services With Expertise

Today, several practitioners find their laboratory business growing monthly charges but aren’t achieving their actual financial objectives. They require a dedicated team that stays active and consistently follows up on medical insurance claims. Due to the lack of essential expertise, it is common to find laboratories with excessive amounts in medical AR that are older than 180 days outstanding. LBS helps such practices to reduce their aging medical account receivables.

Supportive AR Recovery Services

Empower your account receivable collections with reliable partner to overcome these problems that hinder your business growth. We pursue your medical accounts collections by assigning a team of A/R Recovery specialists to “blitz” all the challenges. We have state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge resources to transit the financial growth of your business from passive status to highly active. That’s how we prepare your business to meet your goals.

Boost Profitability With Streamlined Operations

Bring the best out of your laboratory business with advanced and analytical revenue cycle management solutions. Our billing experts re-define your revenue growth and deliver a change in your business’ productivity. It is our goal to increase financial conversions for your business and scale up your revenue growth to new heights. Acquire the most reliable, innovative and promising healthcare revenue cycle management services for your lab.


Reviews & Evaluation of 
Medical Accounts Receivable

In this phase, our experts identify key problems and perform an in-depth analysis of the claims listed on the AR Aging Report. We tend to aggressively follow-up on these claims and review the provider’s adjustment policy from each payer. It gives us actionable insight into the strategy that helps us to identify the adjustable claims. Once, we analyze timely filing limits, our team of expert billers starts filing the next claims by making sure that there should be no room for a single error to occur.

In this way, we not only prevent your practice from existing problems but also safeguard it from future hazards. Since it is our objective to make your business stay on top of all the challenges. So we give you that edge by providing the most reliable medical claims recovery services right away.

In-Depth Analysis Of 
Healthcare Accounts Receivable

Our experienced medical AR analysts have a primary objective to identify the issues with the uncollectable claims to mitigate such errors that significantly impact the bottom line of laboratories negatively. We adopt strategies for medical account receivable collections that effectively create a desire to pay. Great expertise and continuing technological upgrades, enables us to locate and mitigate obstacles from claim reimbursements.

  • Identify issues with claims.
  • Efficient claim Reimbursements.
  • Get clean claims.

We also check in advance the “filing-appeal limits” of the major insurance carriers and “claims submission address” to reach the correct processing unit. Our AR recovery specialists also confirm that “clean claims” get completely reimbursed according to the contracted fee schedule. Henceforth our in-depth analysis helps you immediately reduce your delinquent exposure.

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Maximize The Collection Of 
Medical AR Follow Up

Based on our team’s research after an in-depth analysis, we identify the claims that are within the filing limit of the carrier. Our team verifies these claims after making sure that all the necessary billing information is accurate. So, we can make smarter & faster decisions and operations with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

We will detail all the information that is required to obtain and make our services to be successful on your behalf. We appeal all the claims with the necessary supporting documents to weather your financial uncertainty with strength and resilience. We transmit electronic claims directly to carriers and rigorously follow up with the carrier for confirmation. After completing post payment details to the outstanding claims, we generate a comprehensive suite of patent bills and follow up with the patients for payments.

We provide enterprise laboratory billing services with all the protocols, expertise, and resources required to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the account data. To learn how our successful cash recovery Program provides a high level of support and cooperation to the provider’s office schedule a free demo of our AR claims recovery services.