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We help you stay ahead of the clinical lab challenges including; the complexity of clinical laboratory billing, ever-increasing regulatory demands, inadequate legacy applications, and difficulties accessing information that can hinder the growth of your business. Turn your growth potential into real results with advanced laboratory billing services.

We offer completely customized medical billing and coding solutions for clinical labs. So payers can easily understand the significance of your services and file your payments at the right time. So you don’t miss out a chance to even reimburse a single dollar for your services. That’s how we act as administrative support for your business.

Key Benefits Of
Outsourcing Clinical Lab Billing Services

Fully Compliant

In the US healthcare system, practitioners have to follow a particular set of protocols to share, store and process patient’s healthcare information. Therefore, our certified team of medical billing specialists complies with every guideline of HIPAA, AMA & CMS to proceed with your billing system. Since it is our foremost duty to protect your practice from legal suites and make your healthcare RCM system run more smoothly.


Experience the versatile and end-to-end enterprise clinical lab billing services powered by proven business processes. We deliver proficient results in a quick-to-implement package to give an instant boost of positivity to your business. Therefore, our billing experts offer complete audits from information collection to payment reimbursements_ hence, we always make sure to leave no room for errors and keep your credit free of hassle.


Get full transparency to make informed decisions every day with insightful analytics. Build the foundation of your business with on-premise insights into every procedure. Get a real-time view of your financial condition to better manage cash and liquidity. LBS has the vision to conceive solutions and blend them with your expertise to drive results that guarantee success.

Built For Growth

Leverage the dynamic and configurable clinical lab billing services that are built to scale and help your practice become more efficient. We actively manage your accounts while handling government, private & public insurance billing services. Our billing solutions are just not “one-size-fits-for-all”_ they are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of your lab.

Keep Your Business Running At Peak Performance

Get more value from efficient laboratory billing specialists that provide reliable customer support, long-term revenue generation plans, dedicated workforce, and remote management. So your healthcare revenue cycle management system keeps running without any disruption. With such solutions, clinical labs can head their business’ strategies towards their success goals.


It is the primary objective of our Customer Experience Management Program to provide an omnichannel customer support service. We help our partners to drive excellence in their care delivery services. When you partner with us_ you not only get a chance to collaborate with well-qualified medical billing experts but also have great administrative support.

We embed customer-centricity in the rapidly changing medical billing and coding environment. We help you proactively identify, analyze, and mitigate operational risks to make your business successful and resilient.

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Revenue Cycle
Management and Analysis

Make intelligent decisions and improve revenue cycle management with a collaborative medical billing partner. We help providers to timely respond to inpatient and outpatient needs through cross-functional process integration. Our HIPAA-certified laboratory billing services drive potentially profitable results for your business with innovative billing solutions.

  • 33% reduction in days in accounts receivable.
  • 17% increase in practice collections.
  • Complying with the patient population growth.

Revolutionize your revenue collection metrics with custom-tailored medical billing services. We’ll increase the cash-flow and efficiency of your clinical lab by;


Reimagine your reimbursement models from loss compensation to loss prevention. We manage all medical claims efficiently by mapping the complete revenue cycle management of each one, starting from data collection, through policy verification and ongoing medical coding maintenance to contract termination.

We follow up on paid and unpaid claims to track your account receivable collections. So you never miss out on any of your payments. We guarantee to increase your net income to almost 6% after 3 months- you make a deal with us.

Health Data
to Insights

We provide insightful reports to the practitioners so they can discover the answers to complex business questions with easy to access data from all sources in one location. Simplify your scattered medical billing process by accessing analytics from a centralized location.

Our all-in-one solution for Laboratory Billing Services helps clients to become better able to offer compassionate patient care services. Because we make comprehensive bills for patients and physicians, so they can understand their financial obligations easily. We offer agility to patients and providers with electronic medical records.

Learn how Laboratory Billings support a multitude of clinical labs with insightful medical billing solutions. Our team of experts put forward insightful reimbursement models that streamline your billing operations and lead your business towards success. Schedule a free demo of advanced clinical lab billing services that are intended to bring maximum revenue to your practice.