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How Does LBS Optimize your Practice Management?

Why Our Lab Billing Services For Your Practice?

Laboratory Billings offers efficient business management services and oversees all aspects of revenue cycle management. Our feasible and cost-effective laboratory billing solutions are tailor-made to meet the individual client’s needs.

What Does LBS Offer?

We are one of the leading laboratory billing companies that can help you gain an edge with:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • An average of 8% decrease in AR within a month across all specialties
  • A 97% client retention rate custom interface with our proprietary practice management

Evaluate The Growth Of Your Business

Leverage Agile Solutions

Our online patient and physician portals allow effective communication, information sharing, and complete transparency. Our agile solutions encourage and expect our customers to be involved in the entire process as they wish. Ultimately, we remove administrative burdens from your practice, lab, and providers and let you focus on quality patient care. Outsource laboratory medical billing services to LBs and achieve the right balance.

Get Greater Insights

We help you stay updated with your revenue cycle so you can monitor the financial growth of your practice. Our solutions allow you to evaluate your billing system with monthly analytical reports. It also helps our clients in faster and better decision-making. Our billing experts help lab technicians to make well-informed decisions and make actionable plans for their business growth with great insights. So you can head your business in the right direction.

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Towards Financial Resilience

Incredible RCM expertise set us apart. But that’s only half the story. By bringing together industry experts with diverse data sets, advanced analytics, and best-of-breed technology, we assist our clients to simplify the complicated administrative workflows and deliver actionable insights to the health revenue leaders. From filing clean medical claims to patient collections, our teams are at the forefront to propel your business growth. Learn how Laboratory Billings supercharges the entire revenue cycle and keeps its clients in the loop.

Track KPIs

We convert your raw health data into KPIs to gain a complete understanding of how your revenue cycle system doing.

Analytical Reports

Our comprehensive financial reports_powered by data analytics, keep you informed about your current RCM patterns.

Data Integrity

Nothing is more important for us than ensuring integrity, security & transparency of your confidential health data.

Benchmark Results

We track KPIs to measure efficiency of your lab billing system & benchmark performance against industry standards.

Proactive approach

We put actionable data at your fingertips, helping turn insight into action & enabling you to plan for the future.

Strategic Partnership

Partnering with LBS delivers better results, supports long term strategies & allows you to remain financially viable.

Streamlined Workflow

Do you know what is the secret of a successful business administration? Every organization around the world that has high goals to achieve always leverages the power of “Big Data”. Since LBS is one of the most innovative laboratory billing companies.

Therefore, it offers the right solutions that can help you organize data in a well-structured way. Our advanced LIMS (Laboratory information management system) is designed to organize your data flow throughout the lab revenue cycle management system like denial management & AR recovery services.

HIPAA Compliant
Laboratory Billing Services

Laboratory Billings provides HIPAA-compliant medical billing services. From a business point of view, we conduct a risk assessment within organizations. Our certified laboratory medical billing specialists are well-versed with HIPAA protocols and guidelines.

Just like the most reliable lab billing companies, we safeguard protected health information (PHI) with a well-secured communication network. We prosper the value of your practice digitally as per the guidelines of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

with LBS?

Due to the rising demand, there is tremendous potential in healthcare practice to boost its income growth. Is your medical lab generating enough revenue to achieve your business success goals? If not, then you should immediately acquire better medical billing solutions.

Laboratory Billings offers an all-in-one solution to help you overcome all the challenges. We are focused to drive high financial conversions for medical labs with greater insights. Because we perform as an extension of your office to provide you advanced and highly converting laboratory billing solutions.

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