Due to the ongoing pandemic, keeping a laboratory business afloat has become a major challenge for healthcare providers. Moreover, the increasing demand for quality patients’ care has placed a huge burden on lab practitioners.

As a result, laboratory technicians face challenges when it comes to managing the billing processes efficiently. Because the effective management of non-medical obligations i.e medical coding, claims submission, and payment collections, require a considerable amount of time.

As healthcare providers remain busy in providing quality care to the patients. They don’t get sufficient time to closely monitor the revenue cycle management. Which can negatively impact their overall financial well-being.

As a lab practitioner, you must understand that billing & RCM are the most sensitive area of your business. The financial success and long-term survival in this highly competitive market mainly depend on this process.

So, you cannot afford any negligence in the revenue cycle management. It’s pertinent to mention here that lab RCM is a complicated and time-consuming process. That involves patient scheduling, verification of patients’ insurance eligibility, medical coding, claims submission, payment posting, and collecting the patients co-pays and deductibles.

The revenue collection management may seem easy but practically it’s a challenging task. Because the ever-evolving insurance policies, billing, and coding guidelines have made this process extremely complicated.

Therefore, it is crucial for lab technicians to have dedicated billing and coding teams in place. So, healthcare providers prefer to collaborate with professional companies instead of in-house billing services.

By outsourcing billing, lab technicians not only get free time to focus on their core objectives. But they also enjoy a streamlined cash flow. Furthermore, a third-party solution can help you to keep your business running successfully in the following ways.

1. Reduces Administrative Strain

No doubt, managing the billing and coding process in your laboratory premises is a time-consuming task. It can be stressful for lab technicians and their administrative team.

Moreover, managing in-house billing also requires the constant training of the billing staff. So they can stay up-to-date with the current coding and billing trends in the healthcare industry.
All these factors take away your valuable time and divert your attention from the core aspects of your business. That is to spend a considerable amount of time with patients to make them feel valued and satisfied.

However, if you will not pay attention to the patients. Then you can face consequences such as; low patient volume and fewer opportunities for revenue generation.

In such circumstances, outsourcing revenue cycle management serves its purpose. Outsourced billing experts free up your time by taking the responsibility of hectic paperwork, lab billing, and coding.

As a result, you don’t need to spend several hours dealing with the insurance companies, while managing the medical claims. You get sufficient time to concentrate on subjects that matter the most to you i.e. patients’ care.

Hence, by outsourcing services, you become able to spend time in making impactful strategies for your business growth.

2. Increases Efficiency

The overall success of the laboratory business is highly dependent on the efficient administrative and healthcare staff. However, by hiring a reliable company, you get the assistance of highly-trained lab billers and coders. They implement modern revenue cycle management solutions to boost the profitability of your business.

Outsourced RCM experts enable healthcare providers to optimize reimbursements. They enable lab technicians to collect more revenue in a timely manner.

They streamline and simplify the administration tasks, making them more controllable and transparent. Well-experienced lab billers and coders ensure the optimized cash flow by implementing accurate coding and billing rules.

As outsourced experts are only responsible to manage the administrative tasks i.e. coding, billing, medical claims submission, & healthcare account receivable recovery services. They don’t have other administrative responsibilities on their shoulders. This enables them to focus more heavily on increasing the efficiency of the entire lab revenue cycle management.

3. Timely Reimbursements

Timely reimbursements are essential to meet the medical expenses of your healthcare facility. But it has been observed that when healthcare providers manage the billing process in-house, they have to face several issues. Such as late filing of medical claims.

For example, when an in-house biller or coder leaves your practice. You are forced to either put excessive responsibility on the existing staff, with little knowledge of billing and coding. Or you have to spend a significant amount of money and time in hiring and training the new employees.

During this time period, medical claims left unattended and you have to face late payments. On the other hand, by outsourcing, you get rid of such issues.

Because off-shore billing companies have the best suitable alternatives in case of staff turnover. Furthermore, RCM experts working round the clock for you can make sure of timely reimbursements. They ensure consistency in claims submission, which ultimately leads to streamlined cash flow.

In addition to extensive experience, they have in-depth knowledge about the latest reforms in the healthcare industry. That enables them to submit medical claims according to industry standards. And laboratory practitioners can collect their hard-earned revenue without waiting for years.

4. Maintains Regulatory Compliance

When you hire a HIPAA-compliant company, you don’t need to worry about legal matters. Because off-shore specialists implement the administrative workflows. That helps you to stay compliant with the latest industry regulations.

They strictly follow the HIPAA guidelines to protect confidential health information and avoid medical fraud. For instance, the certified medical coders ensure the accurate translation of patients diagnosis and laboratory services into standard codes. That ultimately saves your lab practice from healthcare frauds in terms of up-coding, under-coding, etc.

Moreover, outsourced billing and coding also provide regular analytical reports. Which keeps healthcare providers informed about the current status of their payments and overall revenue cycle management.

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