Decades ago, pathology practitioners shifted to digital solutions such as digital images (across all pathology practices in the USA). It has enabled pathologists to work closely on cases and drive accurate results from diagnostic techniques.

Even before the pandemic of COVID-19, practitioners adopted digital pathology solutions to keep pace with the rising industrial demands.

Impact Of COVID-19 On Pathologists:

With the widespread of COVID-19, it has become more essential for practitioners to adopt digital pathology billing solutions due to the following reasons;

✔ Meet the increased demands for high patient volume. 

 ✔ Handle the remote workforce of pathologists. 

 ✔ Comply with the regulatory requirements and governance. 

In order to respond to the rising problems of the pandemic, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed strictness from its guidelines. This organization made the approval and validation of digital pathology-related technology more convenient.

The main objective of this move is to introduce more flexibility for pathologists so they can easily work during the lockdown. It will enable them to manage their business operations from remote locations.

Similarly, they can also adopt innovative pathology reference lab billing i.e. outsource pathology medical billing services. With cloud-based technology, you can opt for this solution by securely sharing information across the network.

Moreover, Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also removed stringent policies from the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). Therefore, they included COVID-19 waivers allowing pathologists to run their business from multiple remote locations.

This digital transformation would also allow them to optimize their pathology revenue cycle management. In this way, they will become better able to drive maximum revenue on investment.

This evolution is also an essential component in dealing with the US pathology market. Because the demand for these services is increased by up to 25% than the pre-pandemic days.

The traditional confusion of whether or not to adopt a pathology billing solution is readily resolved with this digital transformation. Now providers can confidently rely on offshore pathology billing companies that can follow up with their billing for professional component of pathology services exclusively.

Potential Benefits Of Innovative Pathology Billing Solutions:

  • Manage revenue cycle management efficiently.
  • With digital portals, get better insights into laboratory billing procedures and keep pace with modern industry standards.
  • Improve quality control and increase assurance throughout the pathology billing system.
  • Drive satisfactory results in terms of increased patient flow and optimized revenue.
  • You can get access to a diverse range of expertise that can manage your medical billing, coding and AR recovery services.
  • Before the public health emergency of COVID-19, the US pathology system was different. Therefore, most pathologists didn’t feel the need for remote pathology medical billing services. Now, those providers who have shifted towards advanced pathology billing solutions say that they would never go back to those orthodox/ in-house billing systems.

How Pathologists Can Comply With Digital Advancement?

With the advancement of digital technology, pathologists can not only streamline their administrative operations (i.e. revenue cycle management) but also core business objectives.

  • Use image acquisition technology i.e. a whole slide image scanner.
  • Enterprise image management software solutions.
  • Use computational applications, AI-based and cloud-computing technology.
  • Implement innovative pathology billing solutions that can help you manage remote teams on the go.

Increased sales and revenue is the primary objective of every business. Choosing the right revenue cycle management partner allows you to maximize profits.

By integrating an advanced practice management system enables your practice to;

  • Deliver quality and patient-centric healthcare services.
  • Improve multidisciplinary team collaboration.
  • You can get professional guidelines and assistance from pathology billing experts.
  • Implement the right strategies for treatment planning and monitoring business growth.

Only implementing LIS (Lab integration system) to your practice management setup doesn’t define the true meanings of innovation. Many times, pathology labs retain their current LIS and supplement it with advanced pathology-enabled practice management systems.

As a result, it improves LIS capabilities and drives profitable results from pathology billing services. This improvement is the key factor that is crucial for a successful digital pathology program.


After the pandemic of COVID-19, the world has evolved completely with the passage of time. It is hard to say that things will restore their original form even after the post-pandemic days. Therefore, pathologists should strive to stay compliant with advanced digital transformation and bring positive results. Similarly, they can improve their business net-worth with innovative pathology billing solutions.

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