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Independent laboratories should adopt the right strategies to boost staff productivity, streamline operations, and drive better business outcomes in terms of increased revenue. It is a great challenge for lab practitioners to deal with slow staff productivity. It not only impacts the operations of your business but finances as well. On the other hand, a proactive plan and smart strategic initiatives can promise you a smooth sail. Thanks to the digital lab billing solutions, most of the independent lab practitioners have successfully improved their efficiency. Therefore, they feel less exhausted and more productive than ever before. They are taking complete advantage of technological breakthroughs i.e. Big Data, EHRs and Health apps. In addition to this, advanced hardware systems such as smartphones, and AI-embedded smart medical devices have contributed to improving the lab’s productivity. Here are the 5 smartest moves that can help independent laboratories to improve staff productivity;

Implement Advanced EHR:

Certainly, electronic healthcare records (EHR) boost your productivity through smooth information flow. But it is not easier as it seems. In order to operate successful EHR practices, you must rely on advanced technology for your administration tasks. Even if you have integrated EHR into your existing system. Still, you need a professional billing specialist to develop workflow-specific training for your staff. Meanwhile, you must completely leverage all of the workflows to optimize the technology. You should benefit from the time-saving features of EHR including mobile apps, e-prescribing, electronic superbills, and preventive health reminders. It will help you to address care gaps, integrated prescription discounts, and other important administrative tasks.

Promote Automatic Solutions:

Technology is the most essential factor that streamlines laboratory medical billing procedures. Most practitioners lose their potential customers due to delayed administrative tasks. Your staff can lose valuable productive time when they get indulged in redundant manual tasks. Rather than this, if you implement a variety of advanced lab billing solutions then you can successfully boost employee morale. Once, you streamline operations for your task force then you can better engage with your patients. For instance, you can remind your patients about appointments automatically. You can also share information with your patients based on their preferred methods of communication. Similarly, patients can easily access their information via tablets and kiosks, pay bills online, and even schedule their appointments online. I know that you might be confused _ won’t all these innovations be overwhelming for the staff to handle? I agree. The best approach is to start with little changes at a time. Then proceed with further innovations to see how your staff and patients respond to it.

Create Positive Work Environment:

Having a discussion about your staff, it goes without saying that a permissive work environment is key to improve staff’s productivity. A positive work environment is conducive to useful values that actually boost staff morale. A happy and satisfied employee is also more productive. You can consider the number of measures such as;
  • Regular training.
  • Improved workplace education.
  • Better collaboration between superior-subordinate staff.
  • Sufficient resources.
  • Motivational feedback.
  • Good financial and non-financial support in terms of a good salary, bonuses and promotions.

Reduced Distractions:

According to a recent survey, an average employee can waste more than eight hours a week on activities that are irrelevant to its job. An employer should understand those problematic areas that cause a distraction for employees. You can increase an employee’s work engagement by creating a zero-tolerance or break-time-use-only policy.

Outsource Lab Billing Services:

Most frequently, healthcare practitioners hire an unqualified person for medical billing and coding. After onboarding, they train and educate their employees by themselves. In this way, they cut down their overhead costs and keep their lab revenue cycle management running. Although, this approach is cost-effective and somehow useful for mid-size and small businesses. However, if you want to expand your business and hope for a better future then you should opt for professional assistance. A professional lab billing service provider guarantees to minimize risk potentials and reduce the chance of claim denials. Through in-depth knowledge and specific industry experience, they can well-explain to your staff as to how to identify and eliminate mistakes from the billing system. Hence, you will experience fewer denials and increased cash flow at hand. Thus, you will be able to reinvest into time-saving technology and additional FTEs to eventually boost your staff’s productivity. Alternatively, you can deploy innovative laboratory billing solutions to scrub claims while streamlining the overall operations of your business. As a result, you will be successfully saving time and money to focus on your core objectives. Are you dealing with operational and financial business challenges due to reduced staff productivity? Laboratory Billings is an all-inclusive lab billing company that can help you achieve your revenue goals more efficiently. Acquire the right guidance and smart lab billing solutions to streamline cash flow.


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